вторник, 22 ноября 2011 г.

I'm unimpressed by GRAZIA UK...

Bloody hell, does GRAZIA Magazine REALLY has noone else to put on the cover??! 
A sister of the girl from the countryside AGAIN?
Please. Just leave her alone, so that she can at least sort out her fake tan and wardrobe.
I'm officially bored.

And what is wrong with GRAZIA's Fiona McIntosh?
Week by week she blabs out something absolutely ridiculous.
I know that by saying this I'll probably never get a job at this magazine (oh well, the January internship in Vogue will do, you know).
So far it's obvious she absolutely hates Gisele Bundchen. Jealousy, Fiona?..
Also, according to her, child-modelling is sexually-exploiting and for paedophiles. 
And all the other gorgeous women like Tamara/Petra Ecclestone, et al are horrible people - I take its because of having long legs and thick hair. Logically.
Oh yes, and Birkins are wrong and disgusting.
That's just a bit of a cave-woman things to say... 

On the contrary, Polly Vernon is COOL.
She is probably one of the first brave people who admitted that Kate Middlton's style is really granny-like, the nude tights and black suede knee-boots are faux-pas and a girl is a bit wrong in rejecting a personal stylist.
Brave! Well done.

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