пятница, 25 марта 2011 г.

What we REALLY think about Kate Middleton

Yes, she IS a nice, sweet, blahblahblah... I don't despite it, there's nothing bad about her and I genuenly think she's a perfect cleen-faced party for Will and I'm sure his grandma is also head-over-heels about her. BUT. Come on, people. The girl does NOT have a taste in fashion, thank you Vivienne Westwood for not chickening out to be the first one to make a point about that. Have all fash-mags been bribed to say 'Kate's showing high fashion!!' above the photo of the girl wearing black knee-high, mid-heeled suede boots over sheer black tights and a (oh Jesus) feather fascinator on her head??! I mean that's what middle-aged mothers-of-three wear to their kids' graduation. Girl has the figure, the face, the young age - the Palace could make some effort like hiring some REAL stylist? No? Maybe?..

Come on, Kate. Cut your hair and bag some Jimmy Choos - from all the many girls you are the one who has the opportunity and access to literally ALL fashion treasures of the world and not seeming to use it.

The girl is lovely by all means, but I doubt she'll be the next Lady D or Princess Grace if she keeps it this way.

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