среда, 30 марта 2011 г.

White-trouser crash!!

All right, I know what you're gonna think, but I don't care about people calling Scott Disick 'Lord Douchebag', his style is FIERCE! I love that 'sweater-over-shoulders' look of his, numerous pocket squares, perfectly-tailored suits, even the cane he bought for a laugh in one of the episodes which everybody else found ridiculous! Maybe his character is not so perfect, but hey - his wardrobe should be to-die-for for any good-looking man. Who else could pull of a white trouWser better?! And Scott would never, never, ever wear a pair of bad shoes which I am allergic to! So take note, gents. Don't mind what everybody else thinks, but Kourtney - I'm officially jealous in some way. Maybe I like those pink blazers and gold Rolex because I am Russian, but you won't take it out of me!;)
P.S. No, me neither - I have no clue what exactly he does. Care? No, as long as he looks good.

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