четверг, 4 августа 2011 г.

My Bad Art

A few days ago I came up to an absolutely brilliant form of art - Bad Art. You are listening here to someone who has studied history of art in a posh British private school and knows quite a bit about the likes of Michelangelo and all that gang. This post on blogspot features the most notice-worthy pieces.

Meanwhile I want to show you my own work, which I consider Bad Art too. I am trying to sell it at the moment, but for some reason it doesn't go well. Maybe I should contact MOBA.
This artwork of mine is called 'Sweet Child of Paris'. Don't laugh.

Me, wearing: Chanel pumps and nothing else.

Hope you enjoy my psychedelic art work. 

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  1. oh,babe!)
    you look adorable)
    love chihuahua by the way!)